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Dear Customer,


Company Baulogic Ltd. was established in 2006 with orientation on import and brokerage of trucks and construction machinery.

Cooperation with leading dealers of trucks and special equipment as in Slovakia as abroad turned out a considerable contribution during the development of society. Gradually, we take a stable position in Slovakia as a dealer of proven used techniques, on which we provide a guarantee.

At the beginning we were focused on import of used equipment exclusively from abroad, mostly from Germany, where we get stable and proven suppliers. Considering the economic development in Slovakia and the gradual strengthening of the domestic companies’ fleet portfolio, we gradually shifted our company orientation in this direction. We work closely on purchasing as well as buying-out of used trucks and construction machinery with leasing and banking companies.

Since 2009, we moved to new premises in Hviezdoslavova st. 47 in Zilina, where we offer individual cars and machinery directly to the customers. We are grateful to the bank and leasing companies, which gave us confidence in reselling collected articles, for our success.

We firmly believe that we dose not betray your trust and you will become our satisfied customers.

We welcome you to our premises


Baulogic, s.r.o.